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GOLDEN CLASS GROUP IS A NATIONAL COMPANY FOUNDED TO HELP, EMPOWER AND SUPPORT INVESTORS IN UAE.  Your business & investments needs will be met through a high professional level of work whether it was a company setup need , visa solutions or any other start up supportive service such as web & graphic design or digital marketing and media production for business purposes.  Who we are? Golden Class Services is national company based on Abu Dhabi, established in 2010 by Mr. Khamis Al Mazruoei to participate in the enhancement process of the UAE national economy. Based on our best practice and long term of expectance in providing the best business solutions for investors, corporates, government and individuals in UAE, we assure you the most convenient and the highest quality of services to be provided to fulfill your business needs. Also, we help you list and register your company as a preferred partner with the main key contractors in your industry

Best PRO Services | How to apply Visa Abu Dhabi, Dubai | UAE

It’s time to pay more attention on your growth and leave the headache of PRO and Staff Visas issues. With our PRO & Visa Solutions , we’ll take care of all visa requirements starting from opening new quota up to issuing and renewing your staff visas, emirates i.d and health insurances. Based on the UAE Government guidance to empower the partnership between the private and the public sectors,  Golden Class Business Solutions is linking its connections together and present the best solutions in terms of PRO & Visa Services to the UAE government. Your business needs and requirements will find the right place through our PRO Services! Are you stress or having headache because of PRO works?  Just relax and leave all the works with us.  We are here to take care all your PRO works. Our PRO Services includes: ·          Commercial License (New & Renewal) ·          Certificate/Degree Attestation ·          Notary Court Attestation ·          Legal Tran

How to Start Company, Business Setup in Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE

Image Golden Class Services provide you the Fastest Business Setup Solutions.  Our company setup package includes, but not limited to licensing the business, UAE local sponsorship, marketing, referrals, leads, access to our web portal where you can find more about our connections and network and more. Also, we help to list and register the company as a preferred partner with the main key contractors in industry and to the government / semi-government organizations in UAE. Our unique ability to setup businesses in UAE and our successful track record in assisting companies to start their businesses makes us an invaluable partner in the market. It’s been never easier than today to obtain your investor visa and Start Own Business in the UAE through the help of Golden Class Services. We help you getting the company ready within weeks to start trading and interacting with the UAE market in a very simple steps, all what you need is feel free to contact us .